Cheap Bulletproof Vest For Sale

There was a time when bulletproof vests were extremely expensive. One example of this was the Żegleń silk fabric bulletproof vest, which could stop slow rounds fired from black powder handguns. In 1914 these vests cost $800 each, and that was too expensive for just about everybody. In 2014 terms, they cost $18,643.92 each.

Now virtually every manufacturer of bulletproof vests which can pass National Institute of Justice standards put an MSRP price on their products that range from $600 to $3,000. While this may be much more affordable, they are still rather prohibitive. That’s the kind of price that only police departments with high budgets, along with rather well-off folks can afford.

Online Options

But if you are looking for a functioning yet cheap bulletproof vest, going online basically gives you 4 options. These options are:

  • Cheap body armor that doesn’t pass quality control standards set forth by the NIJ. The NIJ Standards and Testing Program helps make sure that bulletproof vests are actually safe and reliable, and that they meet minimum requirements. These standards aren’t regulatory, and manufacturers of bulletproof vests are not required to conform to these standards at all. And sure enough, some manufacturers simply do not meet the standards in order to keep their prices down. They simply offer a false sense of security.
  • Cheap bullet proof vest products that aren’t really cheap at all. With some vests costing more than a thousand dollars each (with some even costing as much as $3,000), a vest that costs $600 to $800 can be advertised as “cheap”. But even $600 can be beyond the budget of most people who need them.
  • Any bullet proof vest for sale cheap because they are secondhand. Unfortunately, secondhand bulletproof vests are not a good investment at all. That’s because you simply can’t know how well the previous owner took care of it. Vests can be damaged through improper storage. Extended immersion in water, as well as continuous exposure to heat, can degrade the quality of the vest.

What’s more, a bulletproof vest is only viable for 5 years after the manufacture date. Most secondhand vests don’t mention this date on the ads on eBay and similar websites. Right now, there’s one on eBay which does mention the date, and it’s 2006. That’s not good. One recent news report mentioned a bulletproof vest which a man found a bulletproof vest in a garage. He tried it out and had a friend shoot him, and it resulted in his death. The vest appeared to be 10 to 15 years old.

  • You can also buy a cheap bulletproof vest for sale from BulletSafe. This is because it offers NIJ level 3A protection that can stop a bullet up to a .44 Magnum. And the price is truly cheap, because it is only $299. That’s actually less than 50% of the price of the next cheapest brand that conforms to NIJ standards.

How BulletSafe Keeps the Cost Down?

There are several good explanations as to how BulletSafe managed to keep the price down.

  1. They only make a single style of vests. That means that they don’t have their factories churning out different styles that can increase the costs substantially. It’s just one style, although they are available in 5 different sizes. There are no “custom” features, so the costs of production are reduced.
  2. They make a lot of units. They churn these things out in massive numbers, which keeps the price per unit down. They’re like Toyota or Honda, which provides adequate cars in massive numbers instead of like Ferrari or Lamborghini sports cars which are produced in very small numbers which makes them very expensive to buy.
  3. BulletSafe is content to lower their profit margin for each unit. Their philosophy is to offer an affordable bulletproof vest to anyone who needs it. But don’t worry about the health of the company, because apparently the sales figures are strong. The demand for them is high enough that you may have to wait a few days to get your best.
  4. They offer an NIJ level 3A vest, which can protect you from almost all handgun rounds including a .44 Magnum. A stronger level of protection would require armor plates, which are much more expensive. However, you can buy those armor plates to upgrade your BulletSafe armor to level 4. This will cost an extra $169 (which other companies sell for $249).
  5. It only comes in a black color. This also helps keep the manufacturing process simpler and thus more affordable for consumers.
  6. The actual manufacture of the vest is in China. About half of the revenue of the vest goes to US workers, because the vest is engineered and tested in the US, and its final assembly, packaging, and inspection is made here as well. The factory which manufactures the ballistic panels in China is owed by the Chinese government, and the factory makes panels for its own police and military as well.

Who Can and Should Buy BulletSafe Armor?

The short answer is everyone who wants to feel secure, and who needs an affordable yet adequate vest to feel secure in. This includes:

  1. Cops. These are perhaps the people who most need this product. A lot of police departments are having budgetary problems, and with the BulletSafe affordability cops can now get them more cheaply.
  2. Security guards. These are the first people attacked when there’s an armed robbery taking place.
  3. First responders. Medics and emergency personnel sometimes enter dangerous neighborhoods, even when gunfights are still taking place. Sometimes their sense of duty outweighs their sense of personal safety, and at least these vests offer a level of protection.
  4. Gun range enthusiasts. There are quite a few morons inside those places, and stories about ricocheting bullets are common.
  5. Bodega workers. Quite a few gangs operate near these places.

Just about anyone in the US can buy a bulletproof vest, with the sole exception of those with a felony conviction. BulletSafe delivers to all states except Connecticut, where vests have to be bought face to face. But BulletSafe also offers a list of retail stores as well. With BulletSafe, everyone can get a vest in which they can feel a whole lot safer.

Used Body Armor For Sale

 With the prohibitive costs of body armors, it is not surprising that many civilians who want to protect themselves opt to shop for used body armor for sale.  However, there are certain things that people interested in used bullet proof vest sale should realize. First is that there’s a risk in buying second hand bullet proof vests especially if the fabric is worn out.  Second, there are some websites that sell new body vests at very competitive prices and which can pose as a good alternative to used body armors.

Bullet proof vests are quite expensive, with the prices of these products going for at leat a few hundreds dollars. A hard body armor can cost anywhere from $400 to $600, and this is not inclusive of the ballistic plates. A soft body armor costs cheaper, but not inexpensive enough for some budget-conscious buyers to stop looking at used bullet proof vest for sale.

Used bullet proof vest for sale can be bought for at least half the price of new vests. Most of these vests are sold by ex-military or police personnel. Websites like eBay ( are good online sources of used ballistic vest and even used Kevlar vest, which has been associated by many people as bullet resistant vests. Kevlar is actually the first bullet resistant fiber, but there are now other ballistic fibers like Twaron and polyethylene materials such as Goldflex and Dyneema.

Buying Used Vests

Usually, soft body armors sold in the United States will last for five years, according to the standards set by the National Institute of Justice. So most of the second body vests of this kind, meaning vests that are categorized as Type IIIA and below, are at the most five years old.

But when shopping for a used body vest, the purchase should not be based on the cost and age of the outfit. The buyer should check for damages like tears and creases before agreeing to pay for the vest.

Buyers also have to take into consideration the add-ons of the vests. Body armors have numerous add-ons, like shoulder guards, side protection for the abdomen, neck guard, and protection for the groin. Anyone buying a used armor should also check if the add-ons fit snugly to his body so as not to constrict his movement.

Of course, the used vest should fit comfortably. Buying an armor that is too large for you results to slippage, while an armor that is too small can leave certain parts of the wearer’s body vulnerable to injury.  This is why buying used vests online can be very risky, as the customer not only has a limited idea on the history of the product but he also cannot fit it before buying.

Most security experts even advise against the purchase of a used body vest from a complete stranger.  The buyer may not know the full history of the body armor, exposing himself to risks later on.

Dangers of Buying a Used Vest

Buying a second hand vest is akin to buying a second hand parachute. It’s a very risky proposition, especially if the buyer has absolutely no idea how the body vest was used before. The previous owner of the body vest may have mistreated it before, or it could have been inappropriately stored.

Worst, the past owner may have been assaulted wearing the very same armor. Structural damage to a body armor is invisible to the human eye, thus there is no way to tell a buyer that the second hand body vest he’s interested in is no longer safe to use.

Second hand body armors that are more than five years in age will need re-evaluation. The manufacturer, using the latest technology, will determine if the used body armor is still safe for use and issue a warranty.

Cheap New Body Vest

Given that buying a used body vest can be risky, it makes a lot of sense to opt for a new body armor that is not as expensive as most of the models sold today. BulletSafe ( sells a Class 3A military-grade body vest that is almost 50% cheaper than the body armors currently available in the market.

Sold for just $299, the class IIIA body vest of BulletSafe is perhaps the most reasonably priced product of its kind today. It provides adequate protection against handgun bullets, from those emanating from a .44 magnum revolver to a BB gun.  Prospective buyers should realize that nearly seven out of 10 gun violence cases in the United States is caused by handguns, the bullets of which this body vest can resist.

Advantages of BulletSafe’s Body Vest

BulletSafe’s body vest is not only cheaper compared to other body armors, it is also lightweight and comfortable enough for everyday wear.  It is considered as a soft body armor, hence, the owner can easily conceal it by wearing a shirt over it. Using a soft body armor is considered safer because the wearer won’t be susceptible to enemies taking aim at uncovered areas of the body like the head.

The body vest can also transform into a Class IV protection, or a hard armor, as it has front and rear pockets where metallic plates can be put in.

And unlike some used body armors that come in standard sizes, the class IIIA body vest of BulletSafe comes in six sizes. Interested buyers will surely find a size that comfortably fits them instead of insisting on a used vest that is either too big or too small for them.


With the high costs of owning a body armor, it is understandable why many civilians who want to protect themselves against danger settle for second hand body vests. However, with the availability of cheap body vests like the $299 Class 3A armor of BulletSafe, security-conscious individuals don’t have to make do with used body vests that pose security threats. To find out more about BulletSafe’s affordable Class 3A body vest, visit the website at

Military Body Armor For Sale

Are you looking for a military body armor for sale?  While body armors are commonly used by those in the law enforcement field, civilians like us may be able to purchase one as long as state laws allow it. Body armors can be very costly, so you’ll have to consider your budget when shopping for a military vest.

The Internet is a good place to shop for military body armor, especially if you are hunting for reasonably priced vests.

Legal Issues

Before you even go online to find a military vest for sale, you’ll have to check if it is legal to purchase and wear a body armor in your area. It is widely legal to purchase and use a body armor in the United States, but there are states like Connecticut wherein the practice is prohibited. In the said state, only members of the military and police department are allowed to procure body armor online.

If you have been convicted of any crime in the United States, you are not allowed to buy, own, or wear body armor. Felons who are caught with this type of protection will subject to certain penalties. The safest way to determine whether you are legally allowed to procure a military vest is to call your local police department. Ask them the laws regarding the procurement of a body armor in your state.

Two Types

Once you have cleared with your local police your plans to purchase a military bulletproof vest, then you can start shopping for one online.   One of the first things you’ll have to determine is choosing between a hard body armor and a soft body armor. The former can resist powerful rifle or shotgun bullets, while the latter can resist bullets from most handguns.

Both hard body and soft body armors have its pros and cons. In the case of hard body armor, protection is much better since it uses metal or ceramic plates to stop a bullet from going through the vest. Thus you can repel an attack even if your enemies fire rifle guns at you. However, there are also disadvantages of using this type of vest.

The metal or ceramic plates that are placed inside the hard armor can be very hefty. The average weight of these plates is six pounds. The heavy plates can thus restrict your movement, and it can be impossible to hide it from your attacker.  Likewise, wearing a hard armor can be disadvantageous as an enemy can take aim at an unprotected part of your body like your head.

On the other hand, soft body armors are made of woven fibers like Kevlar and polyethylene that are impact-resistant. Because made of thin materials, soft body armors are more ideal for everyday use.  These vests can also be hidden over clothing or a loose-fitting shirt. Obviously, the downside to using a soft body armor is that it won’t be enough to keep you alive if your opponent brings in rifle guns or other heavy artillery.


Of course, you also have to take into consideration the costs of the vest when shopping for a body armor. Both hard and soft body armors are expensive, with the latter ranging from $500-$600 exclusive of the metallic or ceramic plates. Soft body armors meanwhile can range from $400 to $600.  The unaffordable prices of body armors is one of the reasons why some civilians settle for second-hand vests.

If you consider buying second hand armor, make sure that the item you are interested in buying has been tested by the National Institute of Justice. It should be bullet-resistant just like any new armor. Although fibers like Kevlar can last for years, there will always be a risk that the fabric may be worn out thus making you at risk of injury or worse, death.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to spend a lot on military tactical dress as long as you know where to shop online for cheap military vest for sale. Websites such as BulletSafe ( can give you adequate and comfortable military-grade protection at an affordable price.

Cheap Class IIIA Vest

For a discounted price of $299, the class IIIA vest of BulletSafe is enough to protect you against almost all types of handgun bullets. The body vest can resist bullets from a .44 Magnum, one of the most powerful handguns around.  And since most of the shooting injuries in the United States are triggered by handgun violence, you can take respite knowing that this should be enough to protect you against attacks.

BulletSafe’s class IIIA military grade vest is considered a soft body armor, yet it can improved to a hard body armor by placing ballistic plates on it. The ballistic plates, which are placed both at the front and back pockets, are also sold by BulletSafe at a low price of $169.

What makes this army bullet proof vest a good buy, aside from its cheap price, is that it combines the toughness of hard armor with the lightweight material of soft body armor.  You can easily conceal the vest by wearing a shirt over it. Thus you can wear it anytime of the day without being bothered by the weight of the vest, much like a hard body armor.


It comes in six sizes, from small to quadruple extra large so there should be a size that fits well with you.  There are some manufacturers that come up bullet-resistant vests available only in standard sizes which can pose a headache if you are buying online.

Keep in mind that the vest should fit you comfortably. Buying a vest that is too large for you can make it prone to slippage, while opting for a vest that’s too small may expose certain parts of your body to an attacker. The body vest also has full-velcro side closures and body armor pockets where you can store additional ammunition.

Visit now and check out its $299 Class IIIA type vest that is durable, reasonably priced and comfortable to use.

Kevlar Bullet Proof Vest For Sale

Since the Kevlar bullet proof vest was introduced, it has been instrumental in saving the lives of more than 3,000 people connected with law enforcement. Here are some accounts of these instances:

  • In May 2014, a deputy along with a sergeant in Northern California was trying to serve an eviction notice ordered by the court. The eviction was served at the shelter Cove home of William Lloyd Nelson. Nelson, however, opened fire and hit the deputy in the chest. The police officers were able to return fire, and Nelson barricaded himself inside his home. He was later arrested early next morning. As for the deputy, he was released the next night from the hospital. He was wearing a bulletproof vest, and that saved his life.
  • In October 2013, Officer Ann Carrizales of the Stafford Police Department pulled over a car for a traffic violation early one morning. There were three men in the car, and one of them shot her in the chest and leg. Officer Carrizales, however, was able to return fire and the car fled the scene. The officer was still able to communicate with the dispatcher afterwards. She was calm about the incident, which wasn’t surprising for a police officer who was a former Marine. Officer Carrizales was later seen walking around the emergency room, and that’s because she was wearing a bulletproof vest.
  • In September 2011, Trooper Dwayne Stanford of the Tennessee Highway Patrol was shot right in the middle of his chest with a 9mm handgun at close range. Trooper Stanford, however, was wearing Kevlar body armor and was able to return fire. The assailant was killed, and he later turned out to be a wanted felon.
  • The majority of police officers who are killed or injured in the line of duty were hurt or killed by incidents related to traffic. But one such incident was prevented from causing a fatality by a bulletproof vest. Deputy Ronald Lalumandier of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department was on an emergency run towards a brawl early one evening when he came around the curve and his car’s back end broke loose. The car hit a wooden plank fence, and one of the planks hit him straight in the chest. Fortunately, he was wearing his bulletproof vest. It saved his life, although not in the way he expected.

These and several thousands of similar stories perfectly illustrate the value of Kevlar body armor. Today, it has been transformed to the generic High Tensile Strength Polyethylene (HTSP), and now it is used to make Kevlar vests which offer additional protection for police officers.

Weapons vs. Armor

The concept of armor is ancient, and for thousands of years warriors have thought up of various ways to protect themselves against swords, maces, and arrows. It has always been a matter of choosing between expensive superb armor on one side, and agility and comfort on the other. Armor for fighters such as knights offered superb protection against melee weapons, but they were cumbersome and reduced the movement of the wearer. The best armor was also very expensive, and soon only the nobility could afford them.

But that all changed with the invention of gunpowder and firearms. Not even the steel armor could stop metal projectiles from going through. For much of 18th and 19th century, armor was abandoned while firearms reigned supreme.

The comeback of the armor came with the advent of Kevlar, which was developed and refined in the 1970s. By then, its use as armor became apparent.

Advantages of Kevlar Body Armor

Kevlar had characteristics which made it superior to steel:

  1. Kevlar is stronger than steel. In fact, it is 5 times stronger and it is strong enough to stop a bullet in its tracks which steel could not do.
  2. Kevlar is also much lighter than steel. This made them much easier to wear on the field. In medieval times, some armor outfits weighed as much as a hundred pounds. But a bulletproof vest like BulletSafe can actually stop a .44 Magnum and still weigh only 5 pounds.
  3. Kevlar is also better to wear in warm conditions. You could not say the same for steel armor, which can cause dehydration and extreme heat collection.
  4. Kevlar fibers are fire resistant. Some police officers who were caught in fires survived because their vests prevented them for getting burned in the torso.

Buying a Bulletproof Vest

When you are looking for a bulletproof vest to buy, here are some factors you need to consider.

  • Quality. Specifically, the vest must conform to NIJ safety and reliability standards. Any vest that does not should be ignored. What you should get is a vest that can stop most handgun rounds, including a .44 Magnum.
  • Price. Quality vests can range in price from $600 to $3,000. The sole exception to this is the BulletSafe, which costs merely $299.
  • Fit. You need to get a vest that’s in your size and easy to adjust. The BulletSafe, for example, comes in 5 sizes from S to XXL. The straps can then be adjusted to fit your torso.
  • Comfort. This is the area in which customized vests are better, since they are tailored for a specific wearer.
  • Reliability. You need to get a vest which lasts as long as any quality Kevlar vests. Kevlar is effective for 5 years after the manufacture date, and it’s not a coincidence that the warranty offered by BulletSafe is also 5 years.

When buying bullet proof vests, you basically have two options. You can spend a lot more than the $299 price attached to the BulletSafe. In fact, you can spend anywhere from twice to ten times the price of the BulletSafe. But you won’t get a vest that’s twice or ten times the effectiveness, since the BulletSafe conforms to the NIJ level 3A standard. You won’t’ even get a vest that’s twice as comfortable. At best, you will get a vest that’s only slightly comfortable.

Your other option is to stick with the BulletSafe, and save money while you are still confident that your vest can save your life as well as the more expensive vests.

Police Bulletproof Vest

When it comes to fighting actively against crime, police officers are by definition at the front lines. They are the people who run towards the sound of the guns, while the rest of us are sensible enough to run away. But while cops may have heroic instincts, they do not have superhero immunity to bullets. That means they need a police bulletproof vest to at least give them a chance to survive a gun battle.

And the law enforcement bullet proof vest has done that. Since bulletproof vests began to be more popular in the 1980’s, these vests have been credited with averting the deaths of more than 3,000 people. According to the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), police officers who don’t usually wear body armor are 14 times more likely to have a fatal injury than cops who do. Still, there are still some issues, and many police officers still do not wear them routinely. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund says that a US police officer dies in the line of duty every 53 hours, and some of those deaths could have been averted had the officer in question been wearing a law enforcement vest.

There are quite a few brands of police bulletproof vest for sale which conform to the standards set forth by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice). But a powerful argument can be made about the BulletSafe as the best bullet proof vest for police.


In July of 2013, BulletSafe made headlines in the industry with the launch of their Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest. What made the BulletSafe vest stand out was the price. It was a tested, American-designed police bullet proof vest for sale for a measly $299. Its competitors charged much more for their vests, with the prices ranging from $600 to $3,000 each.

With those extravagant prices, it’s not surprising that not all police departments were able to afford to protect their police officers adequately. A May 19, 2014 news report shed light on Carbon County Sheriff’s Office in Price, Utah, where police officers were found wearing worn out or outdated vests.

Vests are not made to last forever. Usually they have a 5-year expiration date. Threads may break and exposure to sunlight, moisture, and improper storage can contribute to the degradation of the vests. That’s why BulletSafe vests have a manufacture date on the interior label of the vest, along with a stamp denoting that it has been inspected and approved.

After the 5-year expiration date, the vest may or may not work. A 10-year old vest may work properly, but a 7-year old vest may not. In the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, officers were found wearing expired SWAT vests and patrol vests. Some were even more than 10 years old.

Vests must be replaced every five years, and as a result Police Departments are making do without replacements simply because they don’t have enough of a budget to afford them. That’s how BulletSafe can help police department and also helps save lives.

Sometimes the vests come out of the uniform stipends that police departments provide for their officers. But many police officers say that the money provided is not enough. According to Deputy Jonathan Mangum, “I don’t have enough money to buy a new cover for (his vest).” But with the BulletSafe, it may be more likely that officers can finally afford to get one. What we can’t afford is risking the life of police officers when that risk can be reduced considerably.

The Risks that Police Officers Take

According to John Firman, director of research for the International Association of Chiefs of Police, bulletproof vests should be worn by police officers every day. But not all do. A 2009 DOJ study found that only 59% of police departments require them, even if the vests are available.

Most of us see cops wearing vests when they know that there is a special danger involved. In TV news and cop shows, officers wear vests when they’re about tom apprehend a dangerous criminal. Whenever there’s a hostage situation or suspects behind a barricade, police officers are vested. It is also an automatic part of the SWAT team’s uniform. Sometimes they may even don vests that protect the wearer from rifle fire. BulletSafe fits here as well, as its vest can be upgraded. Normally it can stop a .44 Magnum round (standard NIJ level 3A protection), but it can be upgraded to class 4 by adding ballistic plates made from a ceramic of alumina and high strength polyethylene.

But the normal 3A vest should be used for all times, because quite a few criminals see cops as special targets. There are some parts of the city where some neighborhoods may have an inordinate number of gangs operating. A police officer who stops a speeding car may find themselves facing a panicked driver with a firearm. Detectives who knock on doors looking for witnesses may instead encounter the suspect they are looking for, or perhaps a person who thinks they are being arrested. These things have happened before, and they can happen again.


Some officers don’t like to wear armor because they hate the discomfort. This was especially true of the earlier bulletproof vests, which were ill-fitting, bulky, and heavy. But today’s bulletproof vests are much improved in this regard, and BulletSafe epitomizes that improvement. Its vests come in 5 sizes from small, to extra-extra-large. And they are also very light, at just 5 pounds. The next level of protection weighs more than double at 12 pounds. With the BulletSafe vest, you get the best combination of comfort and protection.

Of course, it won’t be totally comfortable. But at the very least your discomfort only rises slightly while your protection increases by 14 times. That fact, as well as the very affordable price, should give you a measure of comfort as well.

Affordable Body Armor For Sale

A body armor is a necessity for certain individuals like those who work in law enforcement. However, it may also be used by people who work in industries where the risks of crime like robbery are high such as banks and restaurants. It may also serve as a protection to people who live in dangerous neighborhoods, or who have received threats from various enemies.

Body armors need not be expensive, as there are some online retailers of affordable body armor for sale To understand how body armors work, one has to be acquainted with its different types available.

Body armors are divided into various kinds according to the weight of the bullet and muzzle velocity. Types I, IIA, II, and IIIA are all considered as soft armor while levels III and IV are categorized as hard armor.

Soft Armor

Soft body armors are made from strong fibers that are sewn into the vest.  The fibers prevent a bullet from injuring or killing the wearer in the same way that a tennis ball is stopped by a net. The material twists the bullet, slowing it down and dissolving its energy in one motion. Yet this armor won’t be able to stop high-velocity bullets like those coming from rifles, as the bullets can just cut through the strands and blow through the vest.

However, a soft body armor is easier to wear and can be easily concealed. Thus it is more commonly used by police officers. After all, it’s cumbersome to wear a hard armor all the time unlike a soft body armor that fits like an ordinary jacket.

Hard Body Armor

On the other hand, a hard body armor are manufactured out of metal plates. This is very similar to the iron suits that were typically worn during the Medieval period. A hard body armor has plates hard enough to deflect a bullet. The hard plates are placed in pockets sewn inside the vest, often on the chest and back although there are also side plates for this purpose.

Hard body armor also come with modular lightweight load-carrying equipment, allowing the wearer to bring extra ammunition. Most models also come with accessories like collar yokes and pull releases that allow the wearer to quickly drop the vest.

While a hard body armor has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. One is that it is limits the flexibility of the wearer.  A military-grade hard body armor can weigh as much as 40 pounds, penalizing the wearer with a limited range of motion. Also, wearing the armor can leave the wearer tired and dehydrated because of the weight and less air circulation.

Prohibitive Costs

Another huge disadvantage of a hard body armor is the cost. A hard body armor can be very expensive, with a military-grade vest ranging from $350 to as much as $700. This is not inclusive of the hard plates, which can average $600.

Soft body armors are also not spared from this disadvantage. On the average, a soft body armor can start at $400 up to $600.

The idea of an affordable body armor may be farfetched for some, given the current price range of body armour for sale these days.   However, there are websites that advertise low priced body armor such as level 3 body armor for sale like The website particularly sells a level 3 bullet proof vest for $299, which is half the price of typical level 3 body armors.


BulletSafe’s class 3A bullet proof vest is perhaps the most affordable body armor of its type that a buyer can find in the market today. Protection is not compromised at all because the vest can safeguard the wearer against bullets from almost every type of handgun.

It should be noted that hand guns are responsible for most cases of gun violence at a whopping 69%, so the bullet proof vest is enough to protect the wearer against common attacks.  The bullet proof vest also comes with body armor pockets and side closures that provides more space for the wearer to store his ammunition.

Since a level 3A body armor won’t be enough to protect the wearer when he’s up against powerful rifle fire, the bullet proof vest comes with rear and front plate pockets for ballistic plates. BulletSafe sells ballistic plates at $169.

The ballistic plates transform the level 3A body armor into a level IV armor as it is made from premium grade material containing alumina and strong polyethylene. It is pretty lightweight too at 5.65 pounds.

The BulletSafe level 3A bullet proof vest comes in six different sixes, from small to medium, large, extra large, to double extra large and quadruple extra large.


The bullet proof vest is perhaps the best tactical body armor for sale in the market. It combines the robust protection of military-grade hard body armors and the comfort and convenience of soft body armors. The vest will protect the wearer’s vital organs, keeping him alive even when he is shot to the body. But it can also allow the wearer to move around freely because it is very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Unlike a level 4 body armor for sale, the level 3A bullet proof vest can be concealed effortlessly. Most police officers who use a heavy body armor are attacked by their enemies at an unprotected part of the body like the head. But by using this bullet proof vest, the wearer won’t be easily spotted as having an armor thus lessening the chances of an attack.

And since it is lightweight, this bullet proof vessel is more likely to be worn by policemen, investigators, avid shooters, repo men, investigators, preppers, and hunters instead of a level 4 body armor.


Body armors need not be expensive, and this is what Bullet Safe has shown with its $299 level 3A bullet proof vest. The vest should provide adequate protection against most hand gun bullets and can also convert to a level 4 body armor with the placement of ballistic plates. Equally important, the bullet proof vest is comfortable to wear and can be easily disguised by its wearer.  Interested buyers may visit the website

Buy Bulletproof Vests On Sale

Developed in the 1960’s for military forces, bulletproof vests were first used by the police a year after the formation of the very first SWAT team in 1968 and have since been commonly worn only by police officers who are members of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. Today, bullet proof vests for sale are worn by police officers on patrol, security officers employed by private companies, and other individuals who require protection against gunshots.

Choosing Your Bulletproof Vest Carefully

For whatever reason you may have, purchasing a bulletproof vest needs careful selection. Depending on who uses it, there are several types of bulletproof vests. The Platinum AA301 series, for instance, is popular with law enforcement officers and as public body armor because of its capacity to overcome handgun shots up to 2000 feet per second (fps).

The Platinum AA302 series is known as the undercover body armor used by undercover agents with thinner straps at the shoulders. Because of its sleek design, this is easily one of the more popular bulletproof vests for salebecause it can be conveniently worn under clothes without being visually obvious.

The Platinum AA303 series is commonly use by the military and police tactical and SWAT teams. This bulletproof vest is designed to allow maximum movement for the army’s Special Forces personnel, has full side protection, and can be used in overt or covert applications.

Differences Between Soft and Hard Types of Body Armor

There are differences between soft and hard body armors and a prospective buyer of one should know them. The latter has metal or ceramic plates which can stop such as shotgun slugs or rifle bullets. The former is made of special fabrics layered to “catch” bullets in flight to disperse force of their impact.

Soft body armor is capable of stopping bullets fired from most handguns, blunt shrapnel, and shotgun pellets like 12-gauge 00 buckshots. Here are the other differences of these two types of body armor which you should know about before buying either one.

Still Other Differences of Soft and Hard Types of Body Armor

Hard body armor: may also be made of polyethylene or steel. The face of the plate is highly-resistant when it comes to impact but vulnerable to damage along the edges if the plate is non-metallic. Careful packing and shipping are a must for this type of body armor.

Soft body armor: as mentioned, it is made from special fibers like Twaron or Kevlar or polyethylene fibers which have either been resin-impregnated in parallel fashion or cross-plied such as Dyneema or Spectra. Lighter in weight than older aramid-type fibers but just as resistant to impact, the newer polyethylene fabrics are more likely to be susceptible to environmental degradation.

Ratings of Protection Levels of Vests

According to the NLECTC or National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center, the performance is what is critical, not the construction or the manufacturer of the bulletproof vest for sale. A bulletproof vest is rated based on the amount of impact from a blunt force it is capable of stopping.

There are protection levels which are rated according to a bulletproof vest’s specific capability such as:

Level II-A: made of soft materials, these vests are the thinnest of their kind with a thickness of 4mm or 0.16 inches. These can be worn under clothes for relatively longer periods of time.

Level II: typically 0.2 inches or 5mm in thickness, these vests are worn by police officers in patrol concealed under clothes or under loose-fitting shirts.

Level III-A: stiffer and heavier than the Level II and Level II-A varieties, these are between 8 and 10mm or between 0.32 and 0.4 inches in thickness, designed specifically to stop bullets from .44 Magnums, 9-mm submachine gun-types like Uzis. Although these vests can be worn concealed under clothes, they are ideal for combat situations involving the use of heavy-grain bullets.

Level III/Level IV: these vests have 25cm by 30cm or 10 inch by 12 inch armor plates with thickness range between ½ and ¾ inch or between 6 and 25mm for coverage of the back and chest. Because these plates are obviously heavy (each plate is an additional 4-9 pounds or 1.8-4.1kg to the existing weight of 3-5 pounds or 1.36-2.27kg of the vest), mobility is restricted for the wearer. Level III/Level IV vests are worn by SWAT team members.

Stab-Resistant Vests

There are also vests which are stab-resistant. A bulletproof vest is useless against a knife attack, unlike stab-resistant vests. These have armor plates like those found in the armor plates of Level III/Level IV vests and are worn by personnel of correctional facilities for protection against the possibility of stabbing incidents involving prisoners with improvised stilettos and knives or smuggled sharp weapons like ice-picks.

The use of stab-resistant vests is not limited to personnel of correctional facilities. Residents of neighborhoods where violence instigated by street gangs is prevalent would be safer with these kinds of vests. Like a bullet proof vest for sale, a stab-resistant vest is also rated based on the amount of impact it can deflect. Currently, there are three protection levels that a stab-resistant vest is capable of:

  • Level 1: protective against pressure measured at 24 Joules (J).
  • Level 2: protective against pressure measured at 33 Joules (J).
  • Level 3: protective against pressure measured at 43 Joules (J).

An Affordable, Quality Vest is Available

Before purchasing a ballistic vest for sale you should have calculated the protection level you require with the mobility which you need. A heavy vest, while providing greater protection, would also reduce your mobility. A lighter vest, on the other hand, will allow you flexibility of movement but your protection would be limited. Purchasing a vest would also depend on your budget. You don’t buy the first bulletproof vest you see without considering whether it’s value for your money or not.

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Add-Ons and Used Body Armor

Do remember that body armor like a bulletproof vest protects the torso primarily. Protection for your neck, shoulders, groin, and neck will require add-ons. Ensure that these add-ons will not be additional restrictions for you if your bulletproof vest is already the heavy type; additional protective layers add to the overall cost of the vest as well.

A word of caution on used body armor: while it has been tested and deemed by the National Institute of Justice to be resistant as the newer types of armor, the fabric of a used vest carrier’s outer shell may be wear out faster than a new Kevlar vest for sale; this will require replacing the carrier’s elastic sooner and cost you additional expense.