Westchester County Police Exam

Anyone who intends to be a respectable police officer must bear in mind that a qualification exam, in this case the Westchester county police exam, must be passed with flying colors in order to be recruited for the police force. While some may dismiss the test as formality, remember that of the thousands who take it, only a few hundred actually get in.

General Requirements

According to the human resources department of Westchester, there are several entry requirements that you would have to accomplish to even be allowed to take the examination. These include:

  • Minimum age of 20 at the time of appointment; maximum age of 35 at the time of examination;
  • Possession of a driver’s license valid in New York State at the time of appointment;
  • A high school diploma

For more information regarding the requirements, you could always visit the website of the government of Westchester which is accessible through http://humanresources.westchestergov.com.

The Recruitment Process

What many aspiring police officers tend to forget is that after the Westchester County exams, there are still more steps to be followed. In short, taking and passing the exam is just the first step. If you pass the Westchester police exam, then you would then have to pass a mental and physical agility examination next.  As you can see, aptitude is one thing, but the physical requirements that this profession requires is also challenging for many candidates.

Another exam that you would have to pass with flying colors is the civil service exam held by the same department, which is required for most individuals working in a government position, which serves as an opportunity not just for promotion through the police officer ranks, but also for other possible civil service positions. 

Review Centers and Programs: Are They Worth It?

Someone’s paradise could be somebody else’s hell, which is why it’s necessary to find out if review centers are going to be worth your money. These review centers exist for the mere reason of helping people like yourself, aspiring police officers, to prepare well and be guided regarding the content and format of the exam, regardless if it is for the Westchester county civil service exams or any other exam you need to pass.

Keep in mind that the review center will NOT take the exam on your behalf. Whatever help they could give would pertain to preparation and getting the information you need. Whether you will be diligent in reviewing and preparing for the test is up to you. 

Westchester County Exam Tips

The Westchester county police exam is almost similar in format with other police department recruitment tests, which is why review programs such as those offered by http://passthepoliceexam.com is considered by many as an all-in-one preparation exam regardless which state you are located.

Aside from features which include tips and tricks regarding the preparation of necessary documents and how to prepare mentally and physically for the exam day, they also focus on several particular aspects such as the type of exam and how you could better answer test questions in such a manner that you would also be able to manage your time effectively, given the time limited nature of such exams.

Here are some of the sample tips you can get from the website:

  • Revise your study materials along with your review techniques. No matter how good your study materials are, if the manner by which you study them is tedious and boring, then your brain would end up absorbing nothing.
  • Ask for detailed answers to simulated test questions. Good review programs would do this because your objective is not just to have the answers to the questions but to know those answers by heart.
  • Seek help on how to improve various skills related to problem solving, good judgment, writing skills, verbal skills, physical orientation, memory, observation techniques, as well as general direction and distance assessment. These skills are practical ones which would prove to be helpful to you not only during the exam but also in the field.
  • Know a trick question when you see one. Some of these questions are included in the exam to test your level of alertness and common sense. Being able to successfully answer them simply means you are paying attention.
  • Rely on inference, which involves intelligent guesswork and a proven technique of elimination.

A Degree in Criminology

If you want to have many opportunities in the field of law enforcement, then keep in mind that being a police officer is not the only option you have, given the wealth of positions, mostly administrative, to be filled in the government. This is why some people would opt for a career in Criminology that are being offered by numerous universities and colleges all over the state. One such school, the SUNY Westchester Community College offers an associate degree program for those willing to get a primary qualification, with detailed information regarding admission posted on their website at http://www.sunywcc.edu. Keep in mind, though, that tuition could be quite prohibitive, and that you really do not need such qualification as a prerequisite to qualify for certain positions including becoming a police officer. It’s not a requirement before you can take the Westchester police exam. 

Contrary to what many people are saying, you do NOT need a Criminology degree to pass the Westchester police exam. If anything, all you need is a solid foundation which could come in the form of review centers or review programs, which are capable of guiding you regarding the format of the tests and what to expect during exam day. But more importantly, these review centers also provide you the knowledge you need to be able to answer the questions that will be included in the tests.

With such guides to help you, you increase your chances of passing the Westchester police exam and become part of your city’s highly esteemed police department.

Suffolk County Police Exam

 Fighting crime is no easy task, but if you have made up your mind about becoming a police officer, then you would need more than an aspiration to reach your goal. This article aims to help you out by giving you some useful and practical tips on how to become a Suffolk county police officer. 

Who are qualified to become a police officer?

Perhaps the better question would be: Where should you start looking for tips on how to become a Suffolk County sheriff’s deputy? The answer is as simple as visiting their website at http://www.suffolkcountyny.gov. On the website you would find brochures (in pdf format) which contain the necessary information you would need to find out how to prepare for the test and also to determine if you are qualified for the said position.

The Suffolk County Government ranks among the biggest provider of jobs in Long Island (around 10,000 employees in over 25 departments). According to the website, a general police officer should have already graduated from high school with a diploma to prove such qualification. He also needs to have in his possession a valid license for the state of New York, and preferably bilingual in Spanish for some specific positions.

In addition, a medical test as well as a psychological assessment will be given. Salary grade would usually start at level 15 with plenty of room for upward career movement. 

Suffolk County Police Exam 

The next logical question to ask is, what’s the Suffolk county police test like? Is it true that only a few would be recruited among thousands of applicants? Truth is, the exam is difficult, but before you get stressed out over those details, you have to find out first if there would even be an exam this year. Check out this page to get the info you need. Exams are usually scheduled in June, but this may change without prior notice.

What to Expect?

In terms of salaries and benefits, the rate for general police officers may reach $42,000 per annum under the 2012 Labor Agreement. Monetary compensation would include hazard pay for late night shifts, yearly uniform and equipment allowance as well as dental and medical benefits for the employee’s family.

Suffolk County Civil Service Exam

Suffolk county civil service exams are not mere qualification fillers, and you must keep in mind that as a potential police officer, you would have to be knowledgeable regarding a lot of laws and civil guidelines, and this is why you need to take the test.

A certification does not only boost your knowledge in those aspects, but also serve as a reviewer and preparatory move for you as you wait for the next recruitment period.

Suffolk County civil exams are also used as basis for qualification for other related posts in the government, which is why passing the test would give you an edge. The same government agency in charge of police force recruitment is also tasked for overseeing this exam, and more information could be found here.

Should You Seek the Help of Online Review Programs?

Given how many thousands of aspirants would like to get in the police force, it would seem as though getting through would be as rigorous as auditioning for a big TV production or a very high paying job. The police force, however, is not a TV show, and the risks involved in this kind of job is real, which is why they only get the cream of the crop from every batch.

This is also why online review programs exist, to capitalize on that particular market and help people pass the test. To access the information they have, these sites would require membership. Websites such as http://passthepoliceexam.com/, for instance, would extend services which include online exam reviews, simulated timed quizzes, as well as tips and tricks on how to pass the test.

Should You Get a Degree in Criminology?

Police departments do not really require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Criminology or any relevant field as far as getting into the police force is concerned, which makes sense because this job requires more hands-on work. This in turn highlights a person’s tolerance for rigorous physical activities.

In any case, being equipped with specialized knowledge such as theories and jargon in this profession could help you ace the Suffolk county police test. If ever you plan to enroll in a Criminology program then remember that you have many options now as compared to before. This is especially true with the emergence of distance learning programs which you could complete anytime anywhere as long as you have Internet connection and a computer.

Of the undergraduate programs in Criminology available in Suffolk, the one offered by Suffolk County Community College would be your best bet. Their website at http://www.sunysuffolk.edu/curricula/CRJU-AS.asp offers a complete description regarding the program details related to the Associate degree in Criminal Justice.

The said website also has a rundown of the subjects that have to be taken as well as admission prerequisites that have to be fulfilled in order to be accepted.

The opportunity to become a respectable officer in Suffolk County would heavily rely on your preparedness for the Suffolk County police exam, which will help you land a job in the police department. You need to prepare fully for the exam. Recruitments aren’t held every year so make sure that when it does come up, you will be able to pass the test. The best way to do that is to seek the help of online police exam review programs which would help you become more familiar with the kinds of questions that will be asked, the format of the exam, and so on.