Mass Police Exam

No matter how safe a state is, there will always be crime somewhere in the state regardless if it is petty theft or an armed robbery. One way of preventing crime in the state of Massachusetts is to hiring more state troopers. The state police exam in MA along with their entry level requirements is probably one of the toughest in the country.

Who Are Qualified for the MA State Police Exam?

Every state would have its own recruitment process and set of requirements and relevant qualifications, and Massachusetts is no exception.  If you are seeking for helpful information on how to apply, then the website you should visit is, which contains a detailed overview of the agency, the police force recruitment process, and other essential information such as relevant dates and paperwork to be accomplished. The website is equipped with the right information, most of which are presented in several PDF files to guide you on how to become a respectable police officer.

General Requirements

Qualifications are important and some of the most basic ones included would be: minimum age of 21 and maximum of 35; physical fitness test, medical examination, and psychological analysis; strictly no smoking policy; no previous felony convictions; good moral character; in possession of a high school diploma or General Education Development certificate; citizenship in the United States, particularly in the state of Massachusetts; and possession of a driver’s license valid in the state of Massachusetts, among others. If you satisfy all these requirements, then the next thing to do is to proceed with your application.

Flow of Recruitment

The Mass police exam would follow after the application process, with dates depending on the ones specified by the government agency involved. Passing the Massachusetts state trooper exam means serving in the force as a police officer, but before that you would undergo rigorous training by living at the academy and attending various courses from Monday to Friday for a given period of time which stimulates both your body and your brain to familiarize you with the strenuous life characteristic of police officers. Included in the learning process are credits in criminal law, firearms, ethics, patrol procedures, court procedures, military drills, and the like.


After the much dreaded Massachusetts state police exam, waiting for results could be both exciting and nerve wracking, but you could always look forward to the benefits waiting for you once you are recruited as a police officer. The bi-weekly starting salary is currently pegged at $840 and increases as you move up the ranks of the police force. Upward mobility is possible, starting from trooper and moving up to titles such as captain, lieutenant, and sergeant upon successful passing of examinations geared towards promotion. Other benefits would include health and life insurance, tuition fee assistance for those who have not completed college or university yet, around one month of various leave benefits per annum, as well as provisions for necessary equipment and uniform.

Are Online Review Programs Any Good? 

The Mass state trooper exam is not a joke, and just like any other state police exams, many organizations and agencies are well aware of this which is why they offer services which cater to those who would want to try their luck in getting recruited., for example, offers features such as tips on completing your application form, how to get all the relevant paperwork and prerequisites to make sure that your application materials are complete, getting to know how the recruiters think, and how to possess the qualities necessary for a respectable police officer.

The mentioned features come on top of the simulated tests and timed quizzes which guarantee familiarization with the structure of the Massachusetts state trooper exam itself. For example, you would be given the chance to encounter practice questions from previous exams along with a complete explanation of the answers, making you understand everything better. Key topics are also explained carefully as well as giving you tips on how to successfully ace the test through exercises in problem solving, writing skills, memory optimization, direction and distance judgment, and many more. In the end, the skills you get are applicable to real life situations too.

Do You Need a Criminology Degree?

One common misconception about the Massachusetts state police exam is that one must possess a degree in Criminology in order to be considered for a position, which is not necessarily true because most police agencies regardless of state are equal opportunity employers and open to recruiting people with a minimum qualification equivalent to a high school diploma. In any case, a degree would give one a boost in terms of theoretical knowledge, which would obviously be really helpful for the written exam, but after that remember that everything would be hands on.

Reputable Criminology Programs

Even so, if you really think that a degree in this field is what you really need to succeed, then feel free to check out some of the notable programs found across the state. There are four schools offering Criminology related courses and programs in the state, and these include Suffolk University in Boston (, University of Massachusetts Boston (, Stonehill College (, and Lasell College ( The university programs on offer would vary from master’s to associate degrees, and tuition fee would cost $23,500 per year on average. There are also plenty of online Criminology degrees offered across all states.

Summary: No, you do not really need a Criminology degree to get a fair chance of being recruited in the police force, although being in possession of one if not a disadvantage either. For more urgent cases of necessary preparation, what is recommendable would be the short and flexible review programs which allow you to study at your own pace and get important and relevant tips that could boost your chances in getting recruited.

NYS Trooper Exam

If you are thinking of joining the State police, passing the New York State Trooper exam will be necessary. Needless to say the test isn’t easy, and the number of people who fail the test is ridiculously high. But if you take the right steps and prepare, your chances of passing will be high.


The first step is to know what the qualifications are. They are as follows:

  • The applicant must be at least 20 years old and not more than 30 years old upon the deadline of application. The only exception is if you have engaged in active military service, whereby the maximum age limit is extendable up to 6 years.
  • You must be a US citizen.

The qualifications for the time of appointment are as follows:

  • At the time of appointment you must be between 21 to 36 years old, but if you have been in active military duty the maximum age is extended by up to 6 years.
  • Applicants must be a resident of New York with a valid New York driver’s license.
  • Must pass the PAT (Physical Ability Test) consisting of push-ups, sit ups and a run covering one and a half miles.
  • Willing and able to work in different shifts including holidays.
  • The vision has to be at least 20/100 for both eyes and must be corrected to 20/20 via surgery, contact lenses or glasses. Color blindness is a ground for disqualification.
  • The NY State Trooper examrequires candidates to have, at all times, a clean appearance.

The educational requirements are the following:

  • You must have a senior high school graduate certificate, a New York State High School diploma, high school equivalency diploma that is convertible to a NYS high school diploma or a military GED certificate.
  • You must also have at least 60 college credit hours completed in an accredited university or college. However, 30 college credits will be accepted if the applicant got an Honorable Discharge from the US military or finished a Certified Police Officer Training Course approved by the NYS Municipal Police Training council.

Tattoo Policy

Tattoos, body piercings and other kinds of body art must not be visible when you are in uniform or wearing any other type of formal or business attire. During the examination process, you will be screened for tattoos and other body art. If you have a tattoo or other body art symbol that is not consistent with NY State Police values, you can have it removed.

Online Resources

The easiest way to prepare for the New York State Police exam is to use a study guide like, as it provides several test preparation materials in connection with the exam. It is also a good idea to get in touch with the New York recruitment officer for the latest recruitment details.

The more tests you take, the greater your chances of passing the examination. Apart from the training however, you must get familiar with the selection process.

The Exam Selection Process

The selection process for becoming a State Trooper is designed to assess your skills and if you have what it takes to be successful in the NYSP Academy. If you completed and passed the entrance exam you’ll be part of the selection process which consists of the following. Note that you have to pass each test before you can move on to the other.

  • Written examination
  • Physical performance test
  • Psychological assessment
  • Background and polygraph test
  • Medical exam
  • During the process, drug screening will be conducted at different periods.

Physical Examination

The physical ability test (PAT) is usually held on Saturdays on the Candidate Processing Weekend. The purpose of the test is to determine your ability to meet the demands of the job. The selection process for the PAT is determined by your rank which is set according to the score you get during the written exam.

If you pass the exams you’ll be appointed as a NYS Trooper. The approval however, hinges on your successful passing of the other examinations such as medical, psychological and so on. The psychological test consists of two parts, a written exam and a psychological interview, also done during the same weekend.

Background Investigation

To ensure that you are fit for the force, the State Trooper exam will subject all candidates to a background check. During the process of verification, applicants must provide access to their employment, financial and educational records. In addition, your associates, neighbors and family members will be interviewed to determine your character.

You will also be subjected to a polygraph test, and if you pass the test along with the background verification, you will be eligible. Failure to pass these tests will result in disqualification.

Medical Examination

A month prior to the Academy class appointment, a medical exam will be conducted at the New York State Police Academy at Albany. During this procedure, you will be asked to submit your mental health record. The appointed physician will assess your general condition, visual acuity, and height and weight proportions.

During the examination your dental condition, hearing and your ability to perform the tasks required for the position will be assessed. Failure to meet the fitness standards will result in disqualification.

If you are going to participate in the NY State Trooper test, bear in mind that processing of candidates takes place at the New York State Police Academy in Albany, NY during a scheduled weekend.