Federal Jobs

USAJOBS.gov Review

Because of so many spammy websites claiming to be the “go to place” for federal law enforcement jobs, I thought it would be a great idea to investigate the website that’s really the go to place for government jobs. If you’re actively looking for federal jobs, don’t visit any websites until you read this unbiased […]

Highway Patrol

How To Become North Carolina Highway Patrol

The North Carolina Highway Patrol operates under the Department of Public Safety to protect drivers on the state’s 78,000 miles of paved streets, roads and highways. The primary focus of the North Carolina Highway Patrol is law enforcement and safety for automotive travelers, but they have jurisdiction anywhere in the state with the exception of […]

911 Dispatcher Career

How to Become a 911 Operator

The role of a 911 Operator might not be a ‘glamorous’ one, but it is an essential part of public safety in every community. The 911 dispatcher serves as the primary liaison between citizens in need and the relevant emergency agencies that can help them. The job is much more challenging than just answering inbound calls. […]

homicide detective

How To Become a Homicide Detective

As the job title suggests, a homicide detective is responsible for investigating murder cases and working to arrest the perpetrators. The homicide detective manages every aspect of these investigations interfacing with specialists in the department such as evidence technicians or forensic analysts. With evidence collection and analysis becoming much more advanced due to the growth […]

Police Academy

Police Officer Requirements in WA

The crime statistics in Washington State shows a downward trend based on the report obtained covering the 11 years when violent crime was increasing and property crime was decreasing. According to this report, the crime rate in Washington for 2014 is expected to be lower compared to that of 2010. But for this to be […]

Police Academy

West Virginia Police Officer Requirments

It is disheartening to note that there is an upward trend in the crime rate in West Virginia. This fact is based on data gathered in the last 11 years. For 2014, the crime rate in West Virginia is expected to be higher than in 2010. In that year, the crime rate in West Virginia […]

Police Academy

Wisconsin Police Officer Requirements

Wisconsin is fortunate because crime statistics in this state shows a downward trend in crime based data from 11 years when violent crime and property crime were increasing. From the data gathered from the report, Wisconsin’s crime rate in 2014 is expected to be lower than in 2010. At that time, the crime rate in […]

Police Academy

Virginia Police Officer Requirements

Virginia has experienced a decrease in both violent and property crimes in 2013. The report was based on the annual statewide crime report released by the Virginia State Police. However, although violent crime, vehicle theft, and property crime has declined, the homicide rate remains the same as last year’s. The demand for police officers in […]

Law Enforcement Academy

Utah Police Officer Requirements

Utah is one of the most pleasant states in the US you can live in, thanks to its beautiful scenery and friendly people. The crime rate in the state is also showing a downward trend, and the violent crime rate in the state is lower than the national average by 37%. It is expected to […]

Police Academy

Texas Police Officer Requirements

The state of Texas is home to great music and great sports teams, and it also has a rich history. However, it’s not all bright and sunny in this southern state as the crime rate is expected to go up for the rest of 2014. In fact the latest figures show that the violent crime […]