Affordable Body Armor For Sale

A body armor is a necessity for certain individuals like those who work in law enforcement. However, it may also be used by people who work in industries where the risks of crime like robbery are high such as banks and restaurants. It may also serve as a protection to people who live in dangerous neighborhoods, or who have received threats from various enemies.

Body armors need not be expensive, as there are some online retailers of affordable body armor for sale To understand how body armors work, one has to be acquainted with its different types available.

Body armors are divided into various kinds according to the weight of the bullet and muzzle velocity. Types I, IIA, II, and IIIA are all considered as soft armor while levels III and IV are categorized as hard armor.

Soft Armor

Soft body armors are made from strong fibers that are sewn into the vest.  The fibers prevent a bullet from injuring or killing the wearer in the same way that a tennis ball is stopped by a net. The material twists the bullet, slowing it down and dissolving its energy in one motion. Yet this armor won’t be able to stop high-velocity bullets like those coming from rifles, as the bullets can just cut through the strands and blow through the vest.

However, a soft body armor is easier to wear and can be easily concealed. Thus it is more commonly used by police officers. After all, it’s cumbersome to wear a hard armor all the time unlike a soft body armor that fits like an ordinary jacket.

Hard Body Armor

On the other hand, a hard body armor are manufactured out of metal plates. This is very similar to the iron suits that were typically worn during the Medieval period. A hard body armor has plates hard enough to deflect a bullet. The hard plates are placed in pockets sewn inside the vest, often on the chest and back although there are also side plates for this purpose.

Hard body armor also come with modular lightweight load-carrying equipment, allowing the wearer to bring extra ammunition. Most models also come with accessories like collar yokes and pull releases that allow the wearer to quickly drop the vest.

While a hard body armor has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. One is that it is limits the flexibility of the wearer.  A military-grade hard body armor can weigh as much as 40 pounds, penalizing the wearer with a limited range of motion. Also, wearing the armor can leave the wearer tired and dehydrated because of the weight and less air circulation.

Prohibitive Costs

Another huge disadvantage of a hard body armor is the cost. A hard body armor can be very expensive, with a military-grade vest ranging from $350 to as much as $700. This is not inclusive of the hard plates, which can average $600.

Soft body armors are also not spared from this disadvantage. On the average, a soft body armor can start at $400 up to $600.

The idea of an affordable body armor may be farfetched for some, given the current price range of body armour for sale these days.   However, there are websites that advertise low priced body armor such as level 3 body armor for sale like The website particularly sells a level 3 bullet proof vest for $299, which is half the price of typical level 3 body armors.


BulletSafe’s class 3A bullet proof vest is perhaps the most affordable body armor of its type that a buyer can find in the market today. Protection is not compromised at all because the vest can safeguard the wearer against bullets from almost every type of handgun.

It should be noted that hand guns are responsible for most cases of gun violence at a whopping 69%, so the bullet proof vest is enough to protect the wearer against common attacks.  The bullet proof vest also comes with body armor pockets and side closures that provides more space for the wearer to store his ammunition.

Since a level 3A body armor won’t be enough to protect the wearer when he’s up against powerful rifle fire, the bullet proof vest comes with rear and front plate pockets for ballistic plates. BulletSafe sells ballistic plates at $169.

The ballistic plates transform the level 3A body armor into a level IV armor as it is made from premium grade material containing alumina and strong polyethylene. It is pretty lightweight too at 5.65 pounds.

The BulletSafe level 3A bullet proof vest comes in six different sixes, from small to medium, large, extra large, to double extra large and quadruple extra large.


The bullet proof vest is perhaps the best tactical body armor for sale in the market. It combines the robust protection of military-grade hard body armors and the comfort and convenience of soft body armors. The vest will protect the wearer’s vital organs, keeping him alive even when he is shot to the body. But it can also allow the wearer to move around freely because it is very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Unlike a level 4 body armor for sale, the level 3A bullet proof vest can be concealed effortlessly. Most police officers who use a heavy body armor are attacked by their enemies at an unprotected part of the body like the head. But by using this bullet proof vest, the wearer won’t be easily spotted as having an armor thus lessening the chances of an attack.

And since it is lightweight, this bullet proof vessel is more likely to be worn by policemen, investigators, avid shooters, repo men, investigators, preppers, and hunters instead of a level 4 body armor.


Body armors need not be expensive, and this is what Bullet Safe has shown with its $299 level 3A bullet proof vest. The vest should provide adequate protection against most hand gun bullets and can also convert to a level 4 body armor with the placement of ballistic plates. Equally important, the bullet proof vest is comfortable to wear and can be easily disguised by its wearer.  Interested buyers may visit the website

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