Become A Police Officer in Iowa

It is true that law enforcement officers perform a very important public service. Police officers cannot help but be very visible as they perform their job in the community. As such, they must always present a professional image that will convey they are dependable and trustworthy.

This is an important aspect that must be inculcated in the minds of those interested in joining the police force. That is why the Police Academy Requirements in Iowa not only focuses on the mental capacity of the applicant, but more so in his/her physical fitness.

Police Academy Requirements You Need to Consider

As in every school, the Police Academy expects you to fulfill certain requirements before you are accepted. But unlike other institutions, they will focus more on certain aspects of your person at least, at the start. Here are the requirements that you must comply with to be accepted in the Police Academy:

  1. Physical Fitness

The physical fitness test standards are the foremost requirements that you must comply with. Even if you have the best mind, but if you cannot support it with an able and strong body, you will be of no use in the Police force.

An individual who is physically fit has more chances of getting accepted in the Police Academy than someone who is frail looking. Therefore, before anything else, you need to put on some muscles and strength and make your posture straight because that is the very first thing that the Police Academy will consider when you present yourself to them.

You will be given a fitness exam to see if you will be able to stand the rigors of the physical training which is included in the curriculum of the Academy. Therefore, if you want to be accepted, you really need to strengthen your muscles, your breathing and your endurance. You will learn more about this here.

  1. Written Exam

You must be at least a high school graduate to qualify. You will also need to undergo a qualifying exam to determine your ability to learn and comprehend theories and information that will be taught in the Academy. You can get more details about this by visiting this link.

  1. Polygraph Test

You may also be required to undergo a polygraph test. This is to gauge how truthful you are in your statements. They may also refer to your application form to cross check the information you have provided.

  1. Other Requirements

Police officers are required to know how to drive a motor vehicle; therefore, you should also endeavor to get your driver’s license if you don’t have one yet as it is included in the requirements for enrollees in the Police Academy.

You should also have a 20/20 vision because all police officers are expected to handle a gun. In fact you will be trained in the Police Academy on how to shoot and how to maintain firearms. A man with a gun in his hand with failing vision is more of a danger than a savior to the citizens. All of these are discussed at

Although a big chunk of your training at the academy is focused on learning the different laws of your state and how to enforce or implement them, you will also be required to back up your mental ability with your physical strength. That is why you need to prepare yourself physically before you even apply at any police academy of your choice.

Of course, you can train yourself by doing push-ups, pull-ups and long distance running prior to your application. But there is something you can do that will prepare you effectively in your physical fitness exams. There are many available help in the internet that you can use. One example is the information from a certain Officer Forestal.

You can find it at Using the method described in this website is the best way to prepare yourself to ace the physical fitness exams of the Police Academy. In fact, if would be foolish if you will enroll in the Police Academy if you haven’t read his study guide yet.

Officer Forestall will show you how to prepare for the police academy effectively, and ensure that you will be accepted by the authorities in the Police Academy. How is this possible? Just look at some of the things he will teach you in his study guide:

  • Exclusive instructions on a 20 week “No-nonsense” Pre and Post Academy Workout Programs
  • Complete step by step guide on how you can ace the entrance exam
  • Detailed review of the traffic enforcement examination
  • And many more.

Your Future Is Bright When You Graduate from the Police Academy 

You have a bright future once you are accepted in the Police Academy. Now that you have overcome the very first hurdle, you need to focus on your studies, and keep yourself fit and healthy so you will be able to graduate. Upon graduation you have the option to choose from any of the police departments in Iowa where you want to work.

You have at least 5 options when you want to enroll in a police academy in Iowa and after graduation you can join the police force as a certified officer of the law and earn a decent income. Take a look:

  1. Des Moines Police Department –the average salary of a police officer is about $35,000
  2. Cedar Rapids Police Department –the annual salary of a law enforcement officer is about $46,837.
  3. Davenport Police Department – the annual salary of a police officer is roughly $43,336.
  4. Sioux City Police Department –the annual salary of a law enforcement officer here is about $28,512.
  5. Waterloo Police Department – the annual salary of a police officer is roughly $43,329.
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