New York Police Officer Requirements

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of work to be done when it comes to investigating crimes in New York. According to the 2012 statistics released by the FBI, the state is actually doing quite well when it comes to property crimes and burglaries compared to the stats in other states. But its robbery […]

NM Police Officer Requirements

  New Mexico can be a picturesque state full of postcard-worthy scenery, but its crime rates aren’t exactly pretty. In fact, it’s downright horrific. Among all the states in the US, it is the absolute worst when it comes to burglary. It is also the #3 worst in forcible rape, #4 worst in aggravated assault, […]

NJ Police Officer Requirements

Statistically speaking, New Jersey is pretty much an average state when it comes to crime. But it still had more than 25,700 violent crimes reported in 2012, especially in Newark which is considered as one of the most dangerous cities in America. That city had 111 homicides for 2013. If these numbers upset you, perhaps […]

Nebraska Police Academy Requirements

Nebraska may seem like a nice and quiet state and in some ways, it is. It has lower crime rates in general than the US crime rate average, and part of that is because it has one of the best employment rates in the country. But it’s still not nirvana, since 53,911 crimes were reported […]

Become A Police Officer in Missouri

Do you want to join one of the police academies in Missouri? Whether you want to be part of the Kansas City police department or join the Saint Louis police department, there are minimum requirements that you have to comply with. First, you should be a U.S. citizen and have at least a high school […]

Become A Police Officer in MS

Do you want to be a member of any police department in Mississippi? Whether you want to join the Jackson police department or Gulfport police department, you need to meet the minimum police academy requirements in Mississippi, such as the following: You must be at least 21 years old You must be a US citizen […]

Become A Police Officer in MN

 Do you dream of becoming a cop in Minnesota?  Then you have to be familiar with the basic requirements set by the two agencies responsible for the certification of law enforcement officers in the state—the Minneapolis Police Department and the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board. Working as a police officer in Minnesota […]

Michigan Police Officer Requirements

Young boys in grade school will usually say that they want to become a firemen or a police officer  when they grow up. However many don’t realize that it is awfully hard to become a cop in the state of Michigan as a lot of applicants are vying for the same position. The good news […]

Become A Police Officer in Mass

Congratulations for wanting to become a police officer, which is as respectable and exciting a profession as it is dangerous and physically straining. It would be just proper, then, to warn you that getting recruited would not be a walk in the park, and that you would have to exert extra effort in terms of […]

How To Become a Police Officer in MD

 Getting into the police force is no easy task, and while some aspiring candidates think that it is all about the written exam or all about physical strength, the truth is that you would actually need both in order to be successfully recruited. While most people would opt to prepare on their own, which is […]