Correctional Officer Job Description

Have you always felt the need to help people? Maybe you’d like to put your efforts towards helping the people in society that need it most? If you feel that these two questions speak to you, you might enjoy the career of being a correctional officer. This can be a demanding job, but it’s also a very rewarding one. If you can handle a high risk, high stress environment, then this is the career for you.

As a correctional officer, you will most likely be put to work in a prison or jail. Of course, these can seem like intimidating places to work. I can promise that there’s no real risk to your safety. These prisons are designed to make sure the people running them are in control. You’ll never be alone with an inmate without the tools you’ll need to protect yourself.

In some states, there might be a minimum level of fitness that you’ll have to meet in order to meet the criteria of someone who can train and become a correctional officer. These rules about physical fitness are put in for your own safety. Inmates can get out of control, and they need officers who can subdue them. Yes, you will have tools at your disposal, but weapons aren’t always enough.

You also need to have the ability to use force when necessary. Some people find using a tazor, or other tools to subdue an inmate to be troubling. If you can’t effectively keep order, and won’t use force when needed, then you will not be able to hold a job as a correctional officer. Don’t think this job is all about violence and control. A lot of correctional officers have great relationships with the inmates under their care.

You’ll be a part of the process of rehabilitating many of these people. What could be more rewarding then helping someone turn their life around? You’ll be the one making sure they get up to work, participate in socialization, and exercise. These are all activities that help rehabilitate the inmates. they are often put to work making medical devices, or other things for the state. This shows them that hard work isn’t a bad way to live a life, and that they can use tools to make money honestly.

As a correctional officer, you may have to witness sad things. Some of the inmates will come in with very sad stories, and depressing things may happen at work. This really isn’t a job for the overly sensitive. It’s okay to have a heart, but you need to have the ability to get over dramatic things that may happen. Inmates do get into fights, and sometimes people get hurt. You need to understand that you can’t make it successfully as a correctional officer if you don’t have the ability to move on.

Many correctional officers make a middle class income. You can certainly afford a modest home, and an occasional movie ticket on a correctional officers salary. Of course, the amount of money you’ll be making will depend on the state you’re working for. The neat thing about being a state employee is the job security. People are rarely dismissed of their job when they are a correctional officer, and they are constantly hiring.

A lot of correctional officers enjoy great benefits. When you’re a state employee, you can expect a good pension, great health care, and of course, sick leave. Most states really do take care of the people who do some of the most unpleasant jobs as their way of making an income. They understand you’re putting yourself at risk every single time you show up for work, and as a result, you’re greatly rewarded. Being a state employee isn’t a bad way to go.

If you’d like to become a correctional officer, you can find out how by looking at your state’s department of corrections website. A lot of states have it so you can apply right on the site. I hope you have a lot of great experiences helping the people in society who need it the most. I know you’ll find this to be rewarding, and for the most part, safe. Why not become a correctional officer, and enjoy all its many benefits?

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