Corrections Officer Exam Practice Test

Let’s face it, not every person who takes the Correctional Officer examinations will make it. The truth is, although every candidate for this officer’s position wants to pass the exams, not everyone is willing to put in effort and hard work. And this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

If you want to pass the said examinations, you must invest the right amount of time and diligence. But if you really want to make sure that you’ll pass, you have got to do more than that. Thankfully, there are a lot of help you can find online nowadays, which you can tap to get all the info you need.

Knowledge is Key

It is wrong to have an advanced copy of the questions that will be given in the exams. While it guarantees you will pass the test, you are also at risk of getting caught. In fact, if you are caught, you might end up in jail, and worse, be totally banned from taking the exams and then you can forget about ever becoming a Correctional Officer.

However, it is not wrong to have an idea of what the test questions will be like. Then, you would be able to place yourself in a better position to correctly answer the majority of the questions, if not all of them. It would be easy sailing once you know what the characters of the question would be like.

Taking a correctional officer practice test at every opportunity therefore, is your best option. If you will constantly practice answering correctional officer test questions, you will get a feel of what the real questions will be like. Thus, when you go to class, your study will be more directed towards getting the right answers to those questions.

Where to Find Correctional Officers Exam Questions 

You are fortunate because unlike before when applicants for correctional officers have to scour for materials to help them get through the exams, today you can find everything you need online. Nowadays, there are so many websites offering test questions for all kinds of examinations, including that of correctional officers.

Here are some of the good sources that you may want to consider:

  • Corrections Officers

You can find this website at When you are already in their site, there is a link where you will be led to the correctional officer test sample questions.

However, there is more to this website than sample questions. They will give you all sorts of information that will increase your chances of passing the exams. Such information include the examination format and layout, overview of the civil service corrections officers test, tips, tricks and secrets for the test, correctional officer practice questions (jailer/prison guard sample questions) and many more.

  • Mometrix Test Preparation

The website address of this source of sample questions is at This website proudly announces that if you use their services, you will learn how to quickly solve difficult corrections officers test questions. If that is true, then you’ve got it made – you can surely pass your exams with their help.

The correctional officer written test, according to them, is to objectively assess your knowledge and skills about the position of correctional officer. They say that you can succeed on the test by learning critical concepts on the test so you can correctly answer as many questions as possible.

This is the reason why they have created their Corrections Officer Exam Flashcard Study System. They have taken all possible topics and reduced them down to the hundreds of concepts you should know. Thus, you will have an easy to use learning method that will guarantee your success in answering the questions correctly.

  • Corrections Officers Exam Study Guides

The website address of these sample test questions for correctional officers is found at They claim that with their help, you won’t need to take a second or even a third exam – you will pass the exams the first time you take it.

You can access the sample questions through instant download straight to your computer. The contents of their guide include: access to their 150 plus pages of an up to date Corrections Officer Study Guide and preparation material, an insider peek at the questions formatted to exactly mirror the real exam so you won’t be surprised, a full, comprehensive practice test for correctional officers, and many more.

What to Look For

When searching for sources of sample questions, you must determine if the source really has the most updated sets of questions for correctional officers exams. The questions must also be accompanied by their corresponding correct answers and you need to check if the answers are explained in detail as well.

Pitfalls to Avoid

There are websites offering sample questions that are not up-to-date. These are the websites that you need to avoid. You also need to check the quality of the answers that they provide. If they are not fully explained, you will not get so much information in that website.

The Best Source of Correctional Officers Sample Tests

By surveying the sources of sample test questions, the Corrections Officer Practice Test Questions and Answers take the first seat. You can find their website at

This is the best source because unlike other sources offering study guides and a few sample tests, this website offers a greater amount of correction officer practice test samples which can really help you get the feel of an actual exam.

Their correctional officer exam study guide can guarantee your success because:

  • They will teach you how to spot the right answers even with the many clever-sounding traps that were set by the writers of the tests.
  • They will boost the speed of your thinking under stressful test conditions.
  • They will help you increase your ability to absorb information.
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