Michigan Police Officer Requirements

Young boys in grade school will usually say that they want to become a firemen or a police officer  when they grow up. However many don’t realize that it is awfully hard to become a cop in the state of Michigan as a lot of applicants are vying for the same position.

The good news is that there are a ton of police agencies in Michigan to pick from so if you are rejected by one, you can easily apply at another agency with equally or better pay. Unlike having dreams of becoming a professional athlete, becoming a police officer is a lot more attainable if you stay the course and refuse to quit.

Police Academy Requirements in Michigan

While prerequisites and requirements for the police force in Michigan would vary from one county to another, there are some general requirements that remain the same across the board, and which are deemed by the state government as essential to be even considered for the primary written exam.

The department in charge of police officer recruitment in the state of Michigan is the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. Their website is hosted by the state government of Michigan and could be accessed here.

Here are some of the qualifications you would need to be considered for a vacant police officer post:

  • Minimum age of 18 years;
  • A high school or General Education Development certificate;
  • No prior convictions before applying;
  • Good moral character;
  • A license valid for use in the state of Michigan;

Physical Fitness Test Standards and Other Tests

Aside from these general requirements, the physical fitness test standards are also pretty much straightforward. You must not be hearing nor vision impaired, not have any chronic disease and pass the MCOLES physical fitness pre-enrollment examination. Subsequent polygraph test and drug test are a must for every aspiring recruit near the end of the recruitment process, if ever accepted to the police force. What follows next after the final assessment would be the scheduling of the training itself, which varies from county to county.

Detroit Police Department

The city of Detroit has its own webpage with all the relevant information necessary for the recruitment process. In addition, they also display the benefits that a successful police officer recruit could take home, which include:
shift differential for afternoon and midnight shifts; $850 annual uniform allowance as well as $250 annual uniform cleaning allowance.

Aside from this, successful recruits are also entitled to receive medical, dental, and optic plans, eight paid leaves per year, and up to 20 vacation days. For more information regarding the recruitment process and benefits, visit their website.

Grand Rapids Police Department

Recruitment for the city of Grand Rapids is usually announced on their website at http://grcity.us/police-department/Pages/Recruiting.aspx under the Recruiting section. The hiring process of this city seems to be quite similar to that of Detroit and the website has a very detailed list of benefits and requirements.

The main differences include the application which is to be submitted NEOGOV, a mandatory informational meeting and panel interview, eventually leading to eight weeks of in-house orientation followed by seventeen weeks of training in the field. Recruits are given one year probationary status to prove their dedication to the force.

 Warren Police Department

The city of Warren does not have a detailed list of requirements and benefits on their website, but relevant information regarding contact persons for inquiries is listed at http://www.cityofwarren.org/index.php/government/police-department.

Ann Arbor Police Department

Ann Arbordoes not have a complete list of requirements and additional details for police recruitment but lists down Chief of Police John Seto as the relevant contact person. He also happens to be the Interim Fire Chief. The website could be accessed at http://www.a2gov.org/government/safetyservices/Pages/home.aspx.

Sterling Heights Police Department

Sterling Heights published a complete set of relevant information for recruitment for county-wide police and various government service positions. The website could be accessed at http://www.ci.sterling-heights.mi.us and the appropriate information is accessible under the Jobs tab.

How to Prepare for the Police Academy 

As you might have noticed, Police academy requirements in Michigan vary from county to county, but this does not mean that there is no general track with regards to how to prepare for the police academy. In general, there would be an eliminatory written exam which would serve as the first hurdle for you. It would then be followed by the likes of a polygraph test, a physical agility exam, as well as psychological evaluations and background check.

While most people would prepare on their own and lift weights like crazy to be physically fit, some opt for a complete set of services offered by several agencies online which cater to aspiring police officers.

Review Programs

There are plenty of review programs online which offer these services. One such program is Prepare for the Police Academy which features insider knowledge on the physical assessment test as well as tips and tricks for the criminal law exam.

What makes them stand out from the rest is that they also include physical strength training to boost your stamina and to fulfill the physical agility requirements, with specialized techniques in felony stops and take down techniques that you are sure to use when you are already in the force. Programs like this help a lot in that they are a complete battery of preparatory techniques rolled into one and customized especially for you.

Prepare For The Police Academy is the only book of its kind on the internet that strive to prepare prospective recruits for the law enforcement training academy. Even if you don’t care to download the ebook as a preparatory tool for the academy, the one thing that the author stress is that you must focus on: your physical strength and stamina. While the written exam has proven to be hard for many, the physical fitness test is even harder if you aren’t in shape.

In order to be accepted at any police academy in Michigan, you need help. When it comes to preparation as far as improving your physical conditioning nothing is better than the recommended books mention above.

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