Military Body Armor For Sale

Are you looking for a military body armor for sale?  While body armors are commonly used by those in the law enforcement field, civilians like us may be able to purchase one as long as state laws allow it. Body armors can be very costly, so you’ll have to consider your budget when shopping for a military vest.

The Internet is a good place to shop for military body armor, especially if you are hunting for reasonably priced vests.

Legal Issues

Before you even go online to find a military vest for sale, you’ll have to check if it is legal to purchase and wear a body armor in your area. It is widely legal to purchase and use a body armor in the United States, but there are states like Connecticut wherein the practice is prohibited. In the said state, only members of the military and police department are allowed to procure body armor online.

If you have been convicted of any crime in the United States, you are not allowed to buy, own, or wear body armor. Felons who are caught with this type of protection will subject to certain penalties. The safest way to determine whether you are legally allowed to procure a military vest is to call your local police department. Ask them the laws regarding the procurement of a body armor in your state.

Two Types

Once you have cleared with your local police your plans to purchase a military bulletproof vest, then you can start shopping for one online.   One of the first things you’ll have to determine is choosing between a hard body armor and a soft body armor. The former can resist powerful rifle or shotgun bullets, while the latter can resist bullets from most handguns.

Both hard body and soft body armors have its pros and cons. In the case of hard body armor, protection is much better since it uses metal or ceramic plates to stop a bullet from going through the vest. Thus you can repel an attack even if your enemies fire rifle guns at you. However, there are also disadvantages of using this type of vest.

The metal or ceramic plates that are placed inside the hard armor can be very hefty. The average weight of these plates is six pounds. The heavy plates can thus restrict your movement, and it can be impossible to hide it from your attacker.  Likewise, wearing a hard armor can be disadvantageous as an enemy can take aim at an unprotected part of your body like your head.

On the other hand, soft body armors are made of woven fibers like Kevlar and polyethylene that are impact-resistant. Because made of thin materials, soft body armors are more ideal for everyday use.  These vests can also be hidden over clothing or a loose-fitting shirt. Obviously, the downside to using a soft body armor is that it won’t be enough to keep you alive if your opponent brings in rifle guns or other heavy artillery.


Of course, you also have to take into consideration the costs of the vest when shopping for a body armor. Both hard and soft body armors are expensive, with the latter ranging from $500-$600 exclusive of the metallic or ceramic plates. Soft body armors meanwhile can range from $400 to $600.  The unaffordable prices of body armors is one of the reasons why some civilians settle for second-hand vests.

If you consider buying second hand armor, make sure that the item you are interested in buying has been tested by the National Institute of Justice. It should be bullet-resistant just like any new armor. Although fibers like Kevlar can last for years, there will always be a risk that the fabric may be worn out thus making you at risk of injury or worse, death.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to spend a lot on military tactical dress as long as you know where to shop online for cheap military vest for sale. Websites such as BulletSafe ( can give you adequate and comfortable military-grade protection at an affordable price.

Cheap Class IIIA Vest

For a discounted price of $299, the class IIIA vest of BulletSafe is enough to protect you against almost all types of handgun bullets. The body vest can resist bullets from a .44 Magnum, one of the most powerful handguns around.  And since most of the shooting injuries in the United States are triggered by handgun violence, you can take respite knowing that this should be enough to protect you against attacks.

BulletSafe’s class IIIA military grade vest is considered a soft body armor, yet it can improved to a hard body armor by placing ballistic plates on it. The ballistic plates, which are placed both at the front and back pockets, are also sold by BulletSafe at a low price of $169.

What makes this army bullet proof vest a good buy, aside from its cheap price, is that it combines the toughness of hard armor with the lightweight material of soft body armor.  You can easily conceal the vest by wearing a shirt over it. Thus you can wear it anytime of the day without being bothered by the weight of the vest, much like a hard body armor.


It comes in six sizes, from small to quadruple extra large so there should be a size that fits well with you.  There are some manufacturers that come up bullet-resistant vests available only in standard sizes which can pose a headache if you are buying online.

Keep in mind that the vest should fit you comfortably. Buying a vest that is too large for you can make it prone to slippage, while opting for a vest that’s too small may expose certain parts of your body to an attacker. The body vest also has full-velcro side closures and body armor pockets where you can store additional ammunition.

Visit now and check out its $299 Class IIIA type vest that is durable, reasonably priced and comfortable to use.

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