New York has the largest police force in the country, and by becoming a member you are eligible for positions in the DEA, Criminal Investigations, highway patrol and more. But before any of this can happen, you have to take and pass the NYPD test. By understanding the basic requirements, you will be able to increase your chances of acing the exam.

Written Exam Requirements

For the written exam, here are the requirements.

  • Applicants have to be between 21 and 35 years old upon taking of the exam.
  • If you are over 35 but active in the US military, you can subtract six years off the age requirement.

Requirements for Hiring

The requirements are as follows.
  • The applicant has to be at least 21 years old.
  • The applicant has to be a US citizen.
  • On or prior to hiring day, the applicant must have at least 60 units in college with a GPA of 20 from an accredited university or college. Alternatively, you need to have served at least 2 years full time in the US military. Honorable discharge is required as well as a high school diploma or something similar.
  • Upon date of hiring, you must be inside of five boroughs in NYC and the nearby counties.
  • You must have a valid New York State driver’s license.
  • You have to pay a $75 fingerprinting fee. This is part of the background investigation procedure.
  • All applicants have to pass an alcohol and drug screening test.
  • For more information you can check out this link: http://passthepoliceexam.com/

In addition to the police test all applicants and candidates have to pass the background investigation and character test.

JST Training Tips

The JST (Job Standard Test) is a physical exam that determines how well you can respond to a standard radio call or a critical situation. This is an essential part of the exam so you need to be prepared for it. Here are some suggestions.

Eat a well balanced diet days or weeks before the training, and avoid junk food. This will help you lose any extra pounds and increase your mobility. Second, steer clear of any caffeinated drinks, stimulants or tranquilizers as it could affect your physical performance.

Exercise is important, but even more so is the type of workout you do to prepare yourself. Research by medical experts show that short but high intensity exercises are the most effective for would-be police officers. To complement this, you should get on a diet rich in carbohydrates at least for a couple of days prior to the JST.

Finally, you should rest for two days prior to the training. If you need to exercise, it should only be light because muscle fatigue could adversely affect your performance.

Common Causes for Disqualification

The NYPD police exam is open to everyone who meets the requirements as posted above. However, there are factors and grounds that could lead to disqualification such as the following.

  • The candidate has been convicted of a crime punishable by one year or more of imprisonment.
  • Repeated violations and conviction of laws, even if the violation seems “light”. The reason is repeat offenders show a lack respect for the law and a tendency leaning towards disorder.
  • Discharged from their job due to improper behavior or anything that has to do with lack of discipline.
  • Dishonorable discharge from the military.
  • Convicted of a domestic violence charge.

It must be stressed that only candidates who pass all the exams –oral and written psychological, physical and medical – will be accepted. If you cannot pass the written exam you be removed from the list of applicants to be considered.

How to Take the Exam

Go to Computerized Testing Center in downtown Brooklyn or Lower Manhattan. Read the NOE (Notice of Examination) and pay the $40 application fee. The Lower Manhattan training center is at:

2 Lafayette Street – 17th Floor

New York, NY 10007

The Brooklyn training center is at:

210 Joralemon Street – 4th Floor

Brooklyn, New York 11201

The schedules for the Manhattan and Brooklyn training are:

Monday: 1:30 PM & 5:00 PM

Tuesday: 9:30 AM & 5:00 PM

Wednesday: 1:30 PM

Thursday: 1:30 PM

Friday: 1:30 PM

Saturday: 9:30 AM

Please be reminded that you cannot enter the premises with electronic devices including media players, cameras, smartphones, tablets calculators and similar gadgets. In addition, you cannot use devices with data recording or word processing capabilities. Organizers, planners and similar applications are not allowed.

Online Resources and Tutorials

While the NYC police exam is difficult, there are several resources available that can help you prepare.

Police Quiz (http://www.policequiz.com/states/NY.shtml) is one website you can try. The site provides specific training for the different police agencies in New York. In addition, the site provides members with online preparation, timed police exams and more. The site also offers members several multiple choice questions so you are better prepared for the test.

The site also offers a comprehensive personal and psychological assessment. In addition, the site doesn’t require any special programs and is compatible with Mac, Windows and most smartphones and tablets.

Another good online resource is Police Prep at http://www.policeprep.com/public/tour_NewYorkPD.aspx. Like other online NYPD police preparation resources, it comes with a comprehensive training program so you stand a better chance of passing the exam. The prep tests and exams here cover all the basics and essentials like interview coaching, communication exams and more. In addition, the site has full length NYPD tests, behavioral exams and a complete scoring system.

Finally you can download the tutorials at http://www.nypdrecruit.com/exam-center/exam-tutorials. The preparation kit on this site will help you understand what is required and how to be ready for it. Aside from the prep kit with its sample questions, the site also has full information about the NYC police test requirements and answers to common questions in the FAQ.

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