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NM Police Officer Requirements

  New Mexico can be a picturesque state full of postcard-worthy scenery, but its crime rates aren’t exactly pretty. In fact, it’s downright horrific. Among all the states in the US, it is the absolute worst when it comes to burglary. It is also the #3 worst in forcible rape, #4 worst in aggravated assault, […]

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NJ Police Officer Requirements

Statistically speaking, New Jersey is pretty much an average state when it comes to crime. But it still had more than 25,700 violent crimes reported in 2012, especially in Newark which is considered as one of the most dangerous cities in America. That city had 111 homicides for 2013. If these numbers upset you, perhaps […]

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Nevada Police Officer Requirements

As you can imagine, the crime rate in Nevada is quite high due to the influx of tourists who want to try their luck in casinos. If you want to be a Nevada police officer, you have to realize that the state is ranked among the most dangerous states in the whole country. It has […]

Police Academy

Nebraska Police Academy Requirements

Nebraska may seem like a nice and quiet state and in some ways, it is. It has lower crime rates in general than the US crime rate average, and part of that is because it has one of the best employment rates in the country. But it’s still not nirvana, since 53,911 crimes were reported […]

Police Departments

Law Enforcement Jobs

The most recent figures released by the FBI show that throughout the country, the rates for violent crime and property crime have gone down 6.6% and 4.7% respectively. Even so, that doesn’t mean the need for good police officers have gone down. Quite the reverse is happening actually, because jobs in law enforcement have become […]

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Yonkers Police Exam

Many young kids dream of becoming a cop. But becoming one is not a simple task, however. It requires skills, dedication and knowledge to boost one’s chances in getting recruited. Find out what you need in this article. If you want to know how you can become a Yonkers PD Cop, the first thing you […]

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Police Exam Practice Test Questions

The key to the success of any exam is preparation and this is especially true with Police Examinations. And the preparation does not start days before the examination. It starts the minute you decide to enroll in the police academy. So preparing for your police exams should be done way ahead of time. You cannot […]

Port Authority

Port Authority Police Exam

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police comprises of 1700 officers after 195 new police officers were sworn in on January 10, 2014. The PAPD’s situation is unique. It focuses on transportation authority and its jurisdiction covers two states. Their mission is to ensure the safety and security of millions of travelers. […]

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NY Police Civil Service Exam

Every one of us at some point wants to contribute to our society. Whether it’s through helping the poor, tending to the sick, or protecting the community. If what you aspire is to protect your community, you can do so by becoming a police officer, In Westchester County, there are some things you need to […]

Deputy Sheriff Exam

Westchester County Police Exam

Anyone who intends to be a respectable police officer must bear in mind that a qualification exam, in this case the Westchester county police exam, must be passed with flying colors in order to be recruited for the police force. While some may dismiss the test as formality, remember that of the thousands who take […]