Police Exam Practice Test Questions

The key to the success of any exam is preparation and this is especially true with Police Examinations. And the preparation does not start days before the examination. It starts the minute you decide to enroll in the police academy.

So preparing for your police exams should be done way ahead of time. You cannot expect to pass the exams if you just let the days go by without really studying and reviewing your lessons.

But that is not all. Knowing and practicing the right skills and strategies in exam taking also play a great part in successfully acing your exams.

Importance of Knowing What to Expect

Knowing what to expect is an effective strategy that you can use. It puts you in an advantageous position over those who have no clue on what’s coming ahead. This is the reason why you should take all the opportunities you can get in taking every police practice test that you can get hold of. By constantly taking practice police exam at every opportunity, you will get a clue on the types of questions normally given. Thus during your class sessions, you can ask directed questions to your instructors.

Good Places to Get Sample Police Exams

You are fortunate because nowadays, you have many sources of Police exams available on the internet. Some of the most notable websites are the following:

  • Police Officer Exam Sample Test Questions and Answers

If you will visit this website, you will find actual questions similar to the questions you will find in police exams. Their website address is at http://passthepolicetest.com/police-written-exam/police-officer-exam-sample-test-questions-and-answers.

You will be given the opportunity to answer these questions based on your knowledge. The good thing here is that after every question, you will be given the right answers, and the reasons why that particular answer is the right one.

  • Word Police

You can find this website at http://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/unbound/wordpolice/sample.htm. In this website, you will also be given several questions (similar to those asked in police exams) which you are required to answer. The correct answers are also provided and the reasons why they are the correct ones.

Of course, it will defeat your purpose if you will look at the answers before answering the questions. In order to continue answering the sets of questions, you need to get at least four of the answers of the current set.

  • Canadian Police Exams

You can find their website and their practice exams at http://www.policeprep.com/Public/SamplePoliceExams_Can.aspx. The host of this website has the belief that passing police exams involve correct anticipation of the questions on the exam, and correct time management.

This is the reason why they have designed time-online police exam practice test, which you can try at their website. Their exams are designed to help you pass the Canadian Police Exams.

  • Peterson’s Practice Tests for the Law Enforcement Tests

You need to pay for their exams. And since you can’t access the practice questions without paying, they must be the right questions asked in actual police exams.

Their website is found at http://www.petersons.com/college-search/law-enforcement-test-practice.aspx. They have categorized their exam questions and you can choose to answer any of these questions. One example is the Correction Officer exams. Another one is the Parole Officer questions. They also offer Court Office exams. The price for each type of exam is $19.95.

 What You Need To Look For

Not every practice exam is applicable to the type of exam that you are preparing for. Therefore you must choose carefully the type of practice exams you are going to take, especially if you need to pay for it. You will just waste precious preparation time if you will not do this.

You also need to see if the questions are clear enough so that you can answer them correctly. Lastly, check the answers that they are giving. Are they clear and complete and according to what you have studied in school?

Pitfalls to Avoid

In choosing the websites where you are going to use for paid practice tests, be sure of how your questions will be delivered, and how the answers will be provided. In addition, check if their questions and answers are really worth paying for.

It will be nice if there is a real person on the other side of the fence which you can contact should you have some concerns about your dealings with them. If these attractive service features are not present, be wary. You would be better off going to another site that provides 24/7 customer service.

The Number One Place for Police Sample Tests

Based on the survey of the sample tests available on the internet, the website of Pass The Police Exam is probably the best police exam prep. Their website address is at http://PassThePoliceExam.com. One of the reasons this website is number one in police written exam practice is that it is hosted by an actual police officer – Officer Forestal. This police officer aced his exams with flying colors. He has been in the service for almost a decade now.

His police test prep is excellent because it contains all the elements that you will need in successfully passing your police exams. It includes:

  • How to study for the exam in a focused way.
  • Sample practice questions with detailed answers and explanations
  • Key topics that will ensure you get all the knowledge and information that will help you pass.
  • Tips to avoid test traps that can hinder your chances of passing.
  • Tips on guessing the right answer when you really have no clue about the right one.

If you would like to have an edge over other applicants when taking the police exam, consider the police sample tests you can find at Pass The Police Exam. It will be worth your money.

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