Workouts For The Police Fitness Test

Of all examinations for professional certifications, the fitness test is in a class of its own. To be certified as a police officer, you must not only pass a written exam (which determines if you have the brains to do the job) but you also have to pass a physical fitness exam. Even if you get impressive scores on the written exam, it won’t help you at all if you fail the physical test.

You cannot be certified as a police officer even if you have the IQ of a genius, if you cannot pass the most basic fitness examinations that the department requires. So, you just don’t need to exercise your neurons – you must also work out your muscles.

This is because being a police officer requires a lot of physical strength and stamina. How do you expect to catch a criminal if you cannot even run 3 miles without taking a break? Therefore, if you want to be a police officer, you must not only practice answering sample test questions, but also prepare yourself physically so you can pass the law enforcement physical fitness test.

What is Included in the Police Fitness Exam?

It has been said that the battle is half won if you know your enemy. By knowing all his attack strategies and movements, you will be able to adequately prepare all your lines of defenses. Thus, you will be able to counter all his attacks and come out the winner in the end.

It is the same thing when you take a police fitness test. If you know all that will be physically required of you, you will be able to properly prepare your body and your mind to cope with all the physical and mental stress that they will subject you to. Thus, you will come out the winner – by passing the police physical fitness test with flying colors.

Fortunately, with so many websites dedicated to physical fitness, you won’t find any difficulty in finding a source that can help. In fact, there are many websites that are centered on giving workout tips for those aiming to pass a police academy physical test. Here are some good sources of workout tips:

Police Link

This is a good source of workout tips for the police officer hopefuls. You can find their website at There are many articles and strategies published on this website that will help you in preparing for your fitness test.

An example article has the title: “Pull-Ups: I Want to do More – But Man they are Hard!” We all know that pull ups is a basic determinant of an individual’s physical fitness – and this is a popular test in police circles.

This website organizes their tips/articles in a very convenient way so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. The categories of their tips/articles are Academy Fitness, Fitness/Wellness, Nutrition, Workouts, Running and Cardio, and Injury Prevention/Recovery.

How To Prepare for the Physical Fitness Test Article

This is a very useful article for those who want to pass a police fitness test. You can access this article at

In gist, the article informs the reader that police fitness tests determine the agility of the candidate and his capacity to move quickly when needed. It suggests that the candidate can pass easily if he prepares by practicing the exercises given in the article and improving his cardiovascular capacity and upper and lower body strength. There are 7 steps given in the article that will effectively prepare the candidate in his fitness test.

Weight Training

This is a website that details a Police Workout Plan. You can find this website at There are different sections in this website that are very helpful to a police officer candidate. These sections include Exercises, Workout Plans, Diet Plans, Community and Compete.

The objective of their workout plans is for the police officer candidate to be in shape so that he can pass the entire requirement in the physical fitness test that he will undergo. An example of their police work out plan involves a 4 weeks, 5 days per week of physical activities organized methodically in all fitness aspects.

What You Need to Look For

When looking for tips, you should consider sources that give practical and realistic advice and information. It would not be useful if the tips they are giving are not easy to perform. Yes, you would like to pass the fitness test, but it wouldn’t be wise to over burden your body with so much stress and physical strain. You still need to be functional after your workout. Workouts must increase your strength, and not cause you any injury.

Best Source For Police Workout Plans

After surveying the field, there is one source that stands out from the rest – the Pass the Police Fitness Test ebook is a “must have” guide for those preparing for the fitness test, as well as the law enforcement academy. In it, you’ll get a detailed workout program on what to do in order to ace the fitness requirements on your first try. You can download a copy Here.

The owner of this website, Officer Forestal, promises that this practical, step-by-step police specific workout program will put you in excellent shape, get rid of your unwanted fats, help you build strong lean muscles and teach you how to ace your police fitness test. He gives you a 10% guarantee that you will pass this particular exam.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an athlete or if bad genes run in your family. Officer Forestal can turn you into a physically strong person in just a few weeks. In his workout program, you will get several realistic police officer ‘fitness for duty’ tips that are laid out in very easy to follow steps. This guide involves 26 weeks of hardcore, fat blasting workouts judiciously designed to build lean muscle, burn away stubborn fat and increase your metabolic rate.

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